Germany reports 4,058 new daily coronavirus cases, the most since 10 April

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

The daily new cases hit 4,000 for the first time since April

This is likely to bring the number of active cases across the country to ~29,000 now after having seen that figure reduced to just under ~5,000 in mid-July. RKI reports another 16 deaths so that brings the total tally on that front to 9,578 persons.

The latest outbreak is gradually becoming worse and is possibly going to prompt tighter restrictions by local governments in due time.

The above follows the record daily increase in cases in France and Spain yesterday, with even the likes of Czech Republic and Bulgaria reporting record increases today.

RKI's comments from its situational report yesterday:

An increased incidence of >25 cases in 7 days/100,000 population was reported from 65 districts, including the city of Hamm, the city of Remscheid, the districts district of Vechta and in the city of Berlin the districts of Berlin Mitte, Berlin Neukoelln, Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Berlin TempelhofSchoeneberg, with 7-day incidences of >50 cases/100,000 population.

The increased incidence in the city of Hamm is largely due to about 200 cases in connection with a wedding. More than 300 identified guests were tested and are under quarantine. Stricter distancing measures have been implemented in Hamm.

The increased incidence in the districts of Berlin (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukoelln, TempelhofSchoeneberg) is due to more diffuse transmission, including spread among young and international travellers and party guests, who contracted the infection during travel or at parties and subsequently infected household members and family. Stricter distancing rules and opening restrictions for restaurants, bars and shops will apply from 10/10/2020.

In the district of Vechta, an outbreak occurred in a long-term care facility with a total of 50 cases among staff and residents. The outbreak has currently infected 100 people in the district with the corona virus.

In the city of Remscheid the high incidence is primarily due to smaller outbreaks in day care centres and schools with spread to outside contacts. Stricter control measures have been implemented.

Currently, COVID-19 cases are predominantly due to transmission at family and other private events. The proportion of travel returnees among the cases is decreasing. The number of COVID-19-related outbreaks reported in nursing homes, hospitals, facilities for asylum seekers and refugees, community facilities, various occupational settings and in connection with religious events has increased.

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