A continued steady rise in overall cases over the past week


The 503 new cases brings the total confirmed cases to 190,862 in Germany, though the estimated ~400 recoveries in the past day sees ~175,700 persons reported to have recovered from the infection in the country.

The additional 10 deaths brings the total on that front to 8,895 persons now.

Germany has been seeing a steady rise in new cases in the past week, but local authorities are pinning a lot of that to the outbreak in the meat processing factory in Gütersloh and also a community transmission incident (still tracing the origins) in Neukölln.

That has seen the virus reproduction rate keep higher in the past few days with the 4-day moving average estimated at 2.76 as of yesterday, with the 7-day average at 1.83. The graph below tells a better picture as you can see a slight spike in recent days:

Germany 2

That said, authorities are continuing to play down the matter as isolated incidents for now and keep close monitoring in case more hot spots start to pop up across the country.