The case count keeps lower but the number of deaths is still relatively high


This compares to the 5,608 new cases yesterday and 175 deaths reported - which are both on the lower side due to lesser testing/counting over the weekend (Saxony region was also excluded in yesterday's overall report).

That said, the situation is improving further as active cases falls to ~216,300 as of the latest update today. The death count remains on the high side but not quite at peak levels, with total deaths now increasing to 57,981 persons.

German lawmakers will be hoping that the lower case count in the coming weeks will also translate to lower number of deaths eventually, although there might be a lag factor.

In terms of healthcare capacity, there were 4,322 (-26) virus patients requiring intensive care as of yesterday with there being 4,711 (18%) intensive care beds still available. As such, hospitals are still rather stretched so far during winter.