I must admit, the whole ghost ship cannibal rat thing was a welcome distraction this week. In the interest of doing due diligence let us debunk a bit of this. The Russian-registered cruise ship Lyubov Orlova was seized by Canadian authorities in 2010 when the ship’s owner went into debt. It was then sold as salvage, but the salvage company broke a tow line en route to the Dominican Republic, and it was left adrift.

As far as the cannibal rats, the part about the cannibal rats comes from a Belgian salvager named Pim de Rhoodes. Who basically said after this much time the rats would attack each other out of starvation. If you really want to see how most boats are lost or can become “ghost ships”, you can find that here.

The purple horse thing, that’s entirely mine. As a kid I was walking down the road and saw a purple horse. My parents thought I was ill and didn’t believe me. I later discovered the horse was a roan. It could be disputed whether a strawberry or blue roan, but none the less, it was purple. This is again that Friday night thing (my time) that has absolutely nothing to do with the market, but might hold some entertainment value. Since the rest of whats on tap relates to actual job numbers and “recovery”, I thought I would soften the blow. Yes this is real horse. His name is Teaspoon according to the owner.