US, Italy and Portugal yields move higher

Looking at the change in the 10 year yields, for 2016, the rate changes were mixed.

The yields rose in US by about 17.5 basis points. Italy and Portugal yields also increased for their bell weather bonds.

The other yields in Europe fell with the UK yields falling the most (by 72 basis points).

The path of rates were varied through 2016. US 10 year yields fell as the market was unconvinced of a strong enough recovery to prompt expectations of higher inflation and/or higher rates. However, Trumps victory changed the sentiment dramatically, and traders dumped bonds, hiking the yield markedly higher into December. Even still, the net change was only 17.5 basis points from the start to finish and closed 2.443% (started to 2.269%)

German bond yields moved below the 0.0% line in 2016 - reaching about -0.19% at the low - but like other global bonds, recovered into the end of 2016 (ending at 0.20%).

UK bond yields started the year at 1.96% but fell to near 0.50% post Brexit (low reached 0.518% on August 12). Since that time, the yield moved higher and closed the year at 1.239%.