BRUSSELS (MNI) – Greece is determined to sort out its problems no
matter what the outcome of this week’s EU Summit may be, the country’s
prime minister, George Papandreou, said as he arrived here for the start
of the two-day gathering.

Heavily-indebted Greece could need financial aid to refinance its
debts but Eurozone policymakers are divided over whether this aid should
come from within the currency bloc or from the International Monetary

“Greece is determined to deal with its own problems, put its own
house in order,” Papandreou said.

He said the country’s economy is on a “very positive track” towards
meeting this year’s targeted budget deficit reductions.

His government, he said, was working to make the Greek economy,
“viable, prosperous, more transparent and more just.”

Papandreou added that European leaders needed to take steps to
stabilize the Eurozone.

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