That’s what a document from a working group of the Eurogroup says, according to Reuters.

Greece could be given up to EUR 50 bln by the EU/IMF to ease its path out of the euro if an “amiable divorce” is sought.

The document seen by Reuters detailed the potential costs to individual member states of a Greek exit and said that if it came about, an “amiable divorce” should be sought.

It also said that if Greece were to decide to leave, the EU/IMF could give it up to 50 billion euros to ease its path.

The document said Athens would bear huge costs if it decided to abandon the currency, while other euro zone countries would have more limited costs.

But the paper said that the risk of knock-on effects that could hit other euro zone countries under market scrutiny now was underestimated.

“The markets will definitively distrust the euro,” the paper said.