Another Greek government official. Could be the same one, could be another one. The rubbish coming out is all the same though

  • Greek side remains steady in its proposals which were recognised as a basis for discussion a few days ago
  • Government position is a realistic approach for a deal
  • Greek side has shown willingness to find a solution
  • Time has come for each sides responsibility and will for a solution to be judged

There's EU headlines now saying that Greek documents can be a basis for a deal - BBG citing EU official

  • Institutions unanimously agreed on Greece papers

We've got top be careful with these headlines as the euro is flapping around like a fish out of water and there's no real context as to what exactly they've agreed on or what documents formulate a deal

EURUSD spiked to 1.1225 and is back at 1.1190

More headlines from Bloomberg

  • Institution documents not accepted by Greeks
  • Institutions incorporated some Greek points

So from that it looks like the institutions agreed their proposals, which were then given to Greece, and were the ones that rejected them, so we look to be at square 1 still. It's not as bullish as the spike in the euro suggested