Bostic and George are on the agenda for today

Here is the schedule:

1430 GMT - Atlanta Fed president, Raphael Bostic, gives lecture

Bostic will be presenting a lecture on "The Fed's Role in Making This an Economy That Works for Everyone", discussing how monetary policy can benefit marginalised communities, and the moral imperative of creating a more inclusive economy. He will be speaking until 1545 GMT so it is a bit of a long one and there might be remarks involving the economic outlook and Fed policies as such.

1600 GMT - Kansas City Fed president, Esther George, speaks

George will be delivering the keynote speech at the 18th annual Economic Measurement Seminar, organised by NABE. She will be speaking for about 45 minutes on "A View from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City". The program leans towards understanding how economic data/statistics plays a vital role into business decisions and/or economic modeling, but there might be some mention on the economy itself so just keep a look out.