Not a lot of activity from the AUD so far today, a very limited range indeed. Some data and central bank about to come ...

From the preview earlier:

0030GMT - Housing finance data for December

  • Home loans m/m, expected is +1.0%, prior was +0.9%
  • Investment lending m/m, prior was a big jump of +4.9%
  • Owner-occupied loan value m/m, prior was a much more subdued +0.4%. While there is no survey conducted on what to expect another subdued result seems likely, around +1%
0030GMT - Reserve Bank of Australia Statement on Monetary Policy (SoMP)
  • Updated inflation, GDP forecasts from the Bank. We got the most recent decision on rates on Tuesda7 (February 7) with the statement from Lowe, along with a speech from Lowe overnight, so there should not be too much to surprise in today's Statement
  • The SoMP is issued four times a year
  • Sets out the Bank's assessment of current economic conditions (domestic & international), and updates the outlook for Australian inflation and GDP growth