US Ambassador tells security council "Today is a dark day"

US Ambassador to the UN Nicki Haley is on the wires talking about No Korea

She says:

  • Today is a dark day due to No. Korea's missile test
  • Missile test was reckless and irresponsible and made the world a more dangerous place
  • Test was a clear and sharp military escalation
  • US will propose new sanction on No Korea in coming days
  • If international community acts together, it can prevent a catastrophe
  • Countries allowing trade with No. Korea in violation of UN sanctions will not be allowed to continue trade with the US

The French ambassador to the UN added:

  • A decisive collective response to the No. Korean missile test is necessary
  • France supports a security council resolution with new robust and operational measures

The British ambassador adds:

  • Britain supports new binding measures to raise the cost further to No. Korea for its missile and nuclear testing.

With the G20 leaders starting their meeting tomorrow in Germany, the heat is starting to be turned up for a global response.