2145 GMT New Zealand Balance of Payments Current Account data for Q4

2330 GMT Australia Westpac leading index for February, prior +0.26% m/m

2330 GMT Speech by Christopher Kent, Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) of the RBA, his topic is Small Businesses Finance in the Pandemic

Tune in for any economic outlook or policy comments.

2350 GMT Japan trade balance for February

  • expected Y 420bn, prior Y -325bn

Trade balance adjusted

  • expected Y -119.0bn, prior Y 392.8bn


  • expected -0.2% y/y, prior +6.4%


  • expected +12.0% y/y, prior -9.5%

Also from Japan, Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda is giving a speech, I don't have a scheduled time for this at present.

  • the venue/event is Japan's Financial Services Agency “FIN/SUM 2021” (a joint event with with Nikkei)

0110 GMT BOJ JGB purchase operation