Here is what is ahead, although the immediate impact on FX (the yen in the case of the data below) is likely to be negligible.

2350 GMT Japan PPI for September

  • expected 0.0%, prior 0.2% m/m

  • expected -0.5%, prior -0.5% y/y

  • Producer Price Index is inflation at a business-to-business level (in a nutshell). It is also known as the Corporate Goods Price Index, which is probably a better indication as to what it is.

  • In the release is also an indication of consumer prices. The 'domestic final goods prices' index, which loosely correlates with CPI.

2350 GMT Japan Core Machinery Orders for August

  • expected -1.0%, prior 6.3% m/m

  • expected -15.6%, prior -16.2% y/y

  • Used as a capex indicator for Japan in the months ahead

2350 GMT Japan - Bank lending for September