Here's an early Asia wrap (real early)

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Reuters is not hanging about :-D

(can't say I blame 'em!)
  • The USD carved out a 10-month trough on Monday as the diminished risk of aggressive U.S. policy tightening sent investors piling into leveraged positions in higher yielding currencies or risky assets.
  • the euro near ground last trod in May 2016 and sterling at its highest since September
  • The pound's 1.2 percent jump on Friday was the largest in three months
  • EUR hovering at $1.1471 and just short of major resistance at $1.1489
  • The U.S. dollar index .DXY was at its lowest since September
  • A holiday in Japan kept trade thin
Reuters add what is still to come:
  • economic news from China includes gross domestic product, retail sales and industrial output
I'll have a wrap around the usual time, and here is my heads up from earlier on what is still to come today:

0200GMT  ... China Q2 GDP preview
China data for June and also China GDP for Q2
  • Industrial Production y/y expected is 6.5%, prior was 6.5%
  • Industrial production YTD y/y expected is 10.3%, prior was 10.3%
  • Fixed Assets (excluding rural) YTD y/y, expected is 8.5%, prior was 8.6%
  • Retail Sales y/y, expected is 10.6%, prior was 10.7%
  • Retail Sales YTD y/y, expected is 10.3%, prior was 10.3%
GDP for April - June:
  • For the y/y, expected 6.8%, Q1 was 6.9%
  • For q/q (sa) expected 1.7%, prior 1.3%
  • YTD GDP expected 6.8%, prior 6.9%