Someone’s got to keep an eye on our intrepid panellist footloose amongst a hoard of adoring fans so I am going to leave you in the very capable hands of The Michalmeister, and bunk off school a little early

I hope to see a few of you at The World Money Show a little later on and yes I’ll be missing the NFPs but, as I always say, the markets will still be there regardless, and for a long while yet to come.

Have a great weekend out there and thanks for all your patience again this week. We really are making giant strides behind the scenes to get this site to full operational capacity and we are as excited as you are (we hope!) about what we will be able to deliver.

Good luck this afternoon and remember not to look for every answer on the data or rational behaviour. “Ours is not to reason why ours is just to sell and buy.”

Here’s one for Greg and all Boss fans out there