..But does not know when

Carl Icahn

The "legendary investor" Carl Icahn is on CNBC. He is a bit cautious about the market but also says he does not know when the market will turn over.

  • At some point the market will hit a wall
  • there will be a crisis the way we are going; the way we are printing money, the way inflation is going
  • Does not know when hitting the wall will happen.
  • I am not in bitcoin. I just don't understand it.
  • The jury is still out on Bitcoin. If inflation is rampant, I guess it does have value.

Meanwhile US stocks are mixed:

  • Dow industrial average -20 points or -0.06% at 35273.66
  • S&P index +9.57 points or 0.21% at 4480.76
  • NASDAQ index up 66.62 points or is 0.45% at 14964.19

The interview with Icahn tends to go on for a bit as he rambles.

Meanwhile, Mike Wilson from Morgan Stanley sort of threw ("yet") in the towel today saying:

Mike WIlson
Mike Wilson