ITALY DATA: Preliminary Novemberr HICP -0.1% m/m, +3.7% y/y, down
from +3.8% y/y in October when the index posted the strongest y/y gain
since September 2008. The m/m decline was the result of a fall in prices
of services and a smaller increase in the price of goods, ISTAT said.
–Main domestic index (NIC) -0.1% m/m, +3.3% y/y, Vs Oct +3.4% y/y
–Core inflation based on the domestic index +2.4% y/y; Vs Oct +2.5% y/y
–Net of energy, the NIC index was stable at 2.5% y/y. –Preliminary
‘NIC’ data provides +2.7% acquired inflation for 2011