Salvini needs support from the Five-Star and Democratic Party for the no-confidence vote to succeed in parliament


Despite calling for a no-confidence vote last week, fresh elections after the summer is no guarantee just yet. In Salvini's case, he would want it to happen as soon as possible given how strong the support he has since the European Parliament elections.

However, opposition parties will be less thrilled considering their disarray and would want to buy more time to formulate a better strategy to take down Salvini's Lega party.

In particular, they can stifle Salvini's plans by not conforming to the no-confidence vote proposed last week. Over the weekend, Five-Star leader Luigi Di Maio has come out to say that triggering a government crisis now would be "foolish and dangerous".

Meanwhile, former Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi - who still holds significant influence over the party - has called instead for a caretaker government to be installed before proposing elections to be held some time next year.

That said, current Democratic Party leader Nicola Zingaretti has ruled that out though surely he would prefer to buy time considering the lack of support for his party at the moment.

At the moment, Salvini is banking on the no-confidence motion to succeed in order to press forward with fresh elections after the summer.

A Five-Star and Democratic Party alliance may seem far-fetched now but it is perhaps the only way either parties can stay relevant in an attempt to fight back against Salvini's Lega party. That will be something to watch out for in the coming weeks/months.