It's "Made in America" Week (except if you're a Trump)

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Spicer defends Trump's "Not made in America" products

The Presidents "Made in America" week is not getting off to a good start. 

Pres. Trump has his signature clothing products as does his daughter Ivanka Trump made overseas, using cheap labor.  Sean Spicer in his press conference justified the decision to produce overseas by saying in their defense:

"Certain industries we don't do as much anymore in terms of scalability," Spicer added. "Certain things we may not have capacity to do here, in terms of a plant or factory." 

Asked whether the president would use his "Made in America" week to commit the Trump organization and his daughter's brand to make more of their products in America, rather than overseas, Trump's director of media affairs Helen Farre coyly commented, "We'll get back to you on that". 

Of course they will.....