GBP fell prior to Tokyo getting running, but then kicked lower still

Early posts:

The UK Times carried a story over the weekend that PM May is preparing for Scotland to perhaps call for an independence referendum in March (note, not for the referendum to be in March, but for Sturgeon to make a big push in March for the next referendum).

The potential for a new Scottish independence referendum is not a new idea, its been around pretty much since the Brexit vote result in the middle of 2016 and the to[pic reignited back on Friday (Scottish government is seriously considering new independence referendum next year). Today it appears that the chatter is (and citing unidentified sources, so it may well be flimsy) PM May could agree to a vote on condition it's held after the U.K. leaves the EU.

Check out those links for more, especially the bolded one. The article appeared in the UK Times, which is gated.

Sellers hit it in early Tokyo, leveraged and macro names cited. Bids around 1.24 were filled in.


Oh, and apparently they don't eat Vegemite in the UK, something called Marmite instead.