Details from the January 2017 UK public sector finances data report 21 February 2017

  • Prior 6.421bn. Revised to 4.237n
  • Ex-banks -9.387bn vs -13.800bn exp. Prior 6.858bn. Revised to 4.674bn
  • PSNCR -26.446bn vs 36.294bn prior
  • Central gov NCR -27.8bn vs 19.3bn prior

There's been some messing about with the numbers relating to new methodology on corp taxes. Those tax revenues are 4.2bn under the new method and would have been 10.1bn via the old method. Don't ask me what they're doing.

Net debt ex-banks was 1.682tn or 85.3% of GDP vs 86.2% in Jan.

Missing expectations but that might be down to the tax changes. Even so, tax revenues posted the highest Jan on record, which is obviously great news. again, without the tax change revenues would have put the surplus at over 15bn.

Putting it all in layman's terms, the data gives the Chancellor something to crow about in his on going task to balance the country's books, at least until borrowing shoots through the roof unexpectedly.