A Japanese judge has issued an injunction forbidding the restarting of two nuclear reactors.

Nuclear reactors in Japan are still offline following the Fukushima meltdowns

It was the second time Judge Higuchi had issued an order forbidding a nuclear plant in Fukui to operate, and he remains the only judge in Japan to have ruled against a utility over nuclear restarts since Fukushima...

Judge Higuchi's decision on Tuesday was potentially more significant because it directly challenged the new safety standards set out by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. It was his first ruling against a plant that had been certified as safe under the new regulations; the Oi power station had yet to undergo a safety review.

Utility companies in Japan have faced much higher costs since the nuclear shutdowns, having to use fossil fuels in place of nuclear power generation.

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the Fukui District Court ... ruling Tuesday contends the new safety standards do not go far enough to prevent worst-case scenarios