LiveSquawk had this out on the lines a few minutes ago … well before my fingers could keep up with the typing.

Damn you LiveSquawk!


Statement released by the Cabinet Office today in Tokyo:

  • Forecasts Japan real GDP to grow 1.5% in the fiscal year starting in April (comapred with forecast for 1.4% back in July
  • Forecasts fiscal year 15 nominal GDP growth of 2.7%
  • Fiscal year 14 real GDP to shrink 0.5%, with 1.7% nominal GDP growth
  • CPI forecast to rise 1.4% in FY15
  • CPI forecast to rise 3.2% in FY14 (but just 1.2% is the effects of the sales tax increase are excluded)
  • GDP deflator forecast at 2.2% in FY14 and 1.2% in FY15