Japan - Current Account Balance for November, ¥ 1347.3bn (expected ¥ 1836.1B)

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Japanese data unlikely to impact the yen too much, but it all goes into the mix

BoP Current Account Balance for November, ¥ 1347.3bn
  • expected ¥ 1836.1B, prior ¥ 2176.4B
BoP Current Account Adjusted: ¥ 1700.5bn
  • expected ¥ 2168.9B, prior ¥ 2441.5B
Trade Balance BoP Basis: ¥ 181.0bn
  • expected ¥ 310.6B, prior ¥ 430.2B
Also ...
Bank Lending excluding trusts for December, +2.4% y/y
  •  prior 2.7%
Bank Lending including trusts +2.5% y/y
  •  prior 2.7%
The bank loans data is a measure of outstanding loans held by the country's four main categories of banks.
That first figure does not include "shinkin" (credit unions), the second does.

Both showing a decline from the October figures.