JPM is looking at office space in Ireland

  • Said to be in talks to acquire the Capital dock office block

  • Looking for an office for 1000 staff

  • No final decision has been made

If banks are going to go anywhere, my money is on Ireland. they'll have the better tax rates than Paris or Frankfurt and there won't need to be as much upheaval for staff. There's probably more than a few old traders who would be happy to not travel so far for a night out in Dublin. There were plenty on the LIFFE floor who used to hop on a plane there after work on a Friday just for a drink up.

On the flip side, Goldies took a step to reassure UK staff yesterday by sending out a voicemail saying that they are preparing intensively for a range of possible outcomes but that;

"All of this work leads us to conclude that although Brexit may well bring some changes to our footprint, a lot will continue to operate as it does today."

Comforting I'm sure ;-)