Lloyds business barometer for July 2019

Lloyds business barometer for July unchanged at 13
  • Business barometer comes in at 13. That is unchanged from June's report
  • business activity next 12 months 19 versus 22 last month
  • current economic optimism six versus five last month
  • the low for the calendar year was at 4in February. That was the lowest level since December 2011.
  • the high for the calendar year in January. The high level for 2018 reached 35 in January and again in May.

As per Lloyds Bank, the business parameter results provide early signals about UK economic trends.

The surveys completed around the middle of each month. Participants are asked a series of key questions with the answer being increase/improvement, no change, or decrease/worsening.

The balance between increase/improvement and decrease/worsening responses is used to provide the summary headline indicator for each question.

The sample size is over 200 companies with turnover of GBP 1 million and upwards.