Its a bit early in the weekend for much new news, but as a catch-up for those out of the market on Friday it looks like Japan is going to escape a remark in the G20 communique (not to mention Lionel Ritchie Dancing on the Ceiling in the CHF from the Swiss National Bank).

Finance ministers meeting at a G-20 summit in Moscow appeared to be nearing an understanding that would allow developed economies, including Japan, to continue to try to use monetary stimulus, while emerging-market countries would still be able take steps to slow the inflow of capital from investors in wealthy nations seeking higher returns.

Wall Street Journal: Yen Weakens on G-20 Silence (may be gated).

More at Reuters: Yen retreats as Japan not singled out in draft G20 statement

and Bloomberg G-20 Resists Currency War Crackdown

Again, none of this is new news, we were bringing you this information from the Asian afternoon, through European and US day on Friday.