Dollar steady after the drop on Friday

Not much is going on in the FX space as the market is keeping quieter amid a holiday in London today. The dollar is holding steadier, trading little changed for the most part though there is some slight weakness seen in the franc.

On the latter, EUR/CHF is pushing back up close to 1.0800 from around 1.0750 at the start of the day. That said, gains in the pair since the end of last week are capped closer to the figure level so that remains a key upside target to watch.

Besides that, there isn't much other notable movement as dollar pairs are trading in relatively narrow ranges for the most part.

EUR/USD D1 30-08

EUR/USD is up slightly near 1.1800 but faces some resistance around 1.1800-05 for now, with the pair keeping in a 17 pips range on the day so far.