Manchin told Biden he won't force through minimum wage hike if it's afoul of Byrd rule

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

CNN report

West Virginia Sen Joe Manchin has privately informed President Joe Biden that he won't push through provisions in the stimulus package that violate the Byrd Rule on 'extraneous' measure in the budget process.

Parliamentary committees haven't yet ruled on whether the minimum wage is outside of Senate rules.

VP Harris hinted she may push to include it and simply ignore the parliamentary committee but Manchin appears to be putting his foot down there.

"My only vote is to protect the Byrd Rule: Hell or high water," Manchin told CNN. "Everybody knows that. I'm fighting to defend the Byrd Rule. The President knows that."Asked if he told the President about his position, Manchin said bluntly: "Straight up."
The headlines crossing on this suggest Manchin is against the minimum wage hike and some stimulus provisions but what he appears to be saying is that he will (might?) support them if they're ruled within the rules.

See the story at CNN.

Meanwhile the battle over $2000 stimulus payments is also ongoing and it appears it will be watered down to a more-targeted measures.

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