Led a civil rights movement in a peaceful way...

This past fall, my family and I had the honor to visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis Tennessee. The museum is literally attached to the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

You can see the room as it was the day he was shot and killed on the balcony. The hotel sign is the same. Cars of the time sit in the parking lot. You can look across the street and see the building where the assassin fired the shots. You can tour that building as well. The museum is not just about Dr. King but about the history of Civil Rights Movement. It is eye opening, powerful, joyful at times and sad. If your travels ever take you to western Tennessee, stop there.

Dr. King, stayed at that specific hotel because it was a "safe haven" for black travellers and visitors. It is hard to imagine that in my lifetime, such a huge divide still existed. But it did and many say a divide still exists today. The gap is not as wide, but prejudice is not fully fixed yet either. Prejudice is not fixed until there is zero prejudice.

Dr. King was a proponent of peace and peaceful demonstration. He fought for his cause, but did not lose site of the right way to fight. If he was not assassinated, his legacy would have been even greater than it is today. What could he have done?

Below are just a few of the many quotes from Dr King (click here for even more). I encourage you all to read them, not with color of the man's skin, his personal fight, or even this day as the focus, but instead with the size of this man's human heart toward ALL mankind as the focus.