UK PM May meets with her ministers today to discuss Brexit 22 Feb

Still trying to put a stop to the in-house fighting and bickering that's sadly been the outstanding feature of the Brexit process so far.

May & Co meet at the PM's country retreat amid fresh tensions and leaked documents in order to find some common ground ahead of a keynote speech by May to EU ministers next week.

Yesterday the UK set out its plans for how the transition phase ( or implementation period as the UK govt likes to label it ) should work.

The leaked document that I reported suggested the UK will abide by new EU laws and be involved in talks on future fishing quotas, but will not be able to sign trade deals without the EU's permission.

It also said the period should last as long as it takes to "prepare and implement the new processes and new systems" but May has denied this meant it would be longer than the planned two years.

Hands up anyone who thinks today's meeting will put an end to the discontent? Yep, thought not.

The BBC have some more back-story and thoughts here.

All a very sorry saga still but be prepared for some comments/reaction drifting out from/after the meting in due course. Whether markets take any notice remains to be seen.

GBPUSD currently 1.3900 trading 80-20 with GBPJPY still a prime mover and now 149.25 from 148.75 lows.