McConnell: You're never going to get a deal out of Pelosi that the GOP likes

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Axios reports 

Axios is reporting that Sen. Majority Leader McConnell told a Kentucky event today, that a coronavirus stimulus deal is unlikely in the next 3 weeks.

What sources close to McConnell say is that:
"You're never going to get a deal out of Pelosi that Republicans can support. So do you really want to divide our party within days of an election?"

They add that:
  • This entire exercise from Pelosi is basically trying to jam up the Senate in the midst of a Supreme Court confirmation
  • Dems are trying to throw as many roadblocks in the way as possible - and the best way to do that is to get the Pres. focused on some extraneous issue
  • "Pelosi is out there doing 25th amendment s--t today. Does this sound like a lady who wants a deal.  There is no way McConnell takes his eye off the ball. Republicans are intently focused on the Supreme Court"
  • It is unlikely the Senate GOP would get on board with any sort of deal
Meanwhile, the chatter is that the White House is more desperate for a deal.  My inkling is that they just want to prop the stock market up as high as they can, AND/OR put more blame on Pelosi on the Dems if a deal cannot be hammered out. 
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