Meanwhile, Labour head Corbyn weighs in on PM May's Brexit plan

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Getting equal time, Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says:
  • The PM should report to Parliament on Brexit
  • We should measure her proposals for the future relationship with the EU against Labours six tests
  • We could be close to general election. Would prefer an election to a 2nd referendum on Brexit
  • We are ready for a general election
  • There are many conservative MPs who are angry with their government
  • Nobody voted to lose their jobs in a Brexit vote
  • Thinks we can reach agreement to solve border question
  • We want stronger regulation on workers rights. 
  • Declines to say which way he would vote on a second referendum
The Labour Party's annual conference is scheduled to debate the idea of supporting a 2nd Brexit referendum. Corbyn said he would be bound by what the members decided, but would prefer a national election, and then lead a Labour negotiation.

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