Germany's Angela Merkel and UK PM Johnson speaking on Brexit after meetings in Berlin.

  • Our goal is to continuing having tight relations with Britain after Brexit
  • I would welcome a negotiated Brexit deal, but we are ready for all scenarios
  • we need to be able to deal with possibility that Britain could be outside EU for one day to other
  • European offer stands to negotiate trade deal after Brexit
  • the moment we have a solution for the Irish border problem that we won't need the backstop
  • we need to make an effort to find a solution to backstop problem before Brexit date
  • EU27 will have a united position on Brexit talks
  • deal must ensure that Britain leaves EU and at the same time Good Friday agreement is upheld

UK PM Johnson:

  • wonderful to be in Berlin
  • our relationship with Germany is so important for UK
  • want to be clear, we in the UK want a deal
  • believes UK can get a deal
  • clearly we cannot except the current withdrawal agreement
  • we cannot accept any arrangements which divide the UK
  • if we can remove backstop we can move forward together
  • we are dedicated to the protection of the 3.2 million EU nationals in the UK
  • when asked whether he is prepared to compromise he replied "Yes of course there is scope to do a deal
  • The backstop, that arrangement which has grave defects for a democratic country, has to go
  • if we can change the backstop we can make rapid progress
  • negotiations often seem impossible but people find a way through
  • if we approach this with patients and optimism we can get this done
  • we can get a deal in the final furlong

On Russia returning to the G7, Johnson and Merkel are in agreement. Earlier Pres. Trump said that he sees it as a good thing to have Russia as part of G7.

  • Given what happened in Salsberry and Ukraine, I must say I am with Merkel in thinking the case has yet to be made out for Russia to return to the G7

THE GBPUSD trades at 1.2143. that is down 27 pips or -0.22% from the close yesterday.