Mnuchin confident that US tax reform "is going to get done"

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

US treasury secretary Mnuchin speaking to CNBC 12 Oct

  • Corker has been enormously helpful in this process
  • tax reform is about a middle-income tax cut
  • Trump wants a 20% corp tax rate
  • we can't have federal govt subsidizing taxes
  • tax plan is about making US business competitive
  • there have been no decisions on Fed chair nominee
  • Trump focussed on Fed chair decision in next month
  • I will not comment on Fed chair candidates
Mnuchin in upbeat mood on the tax reforms and understandably cautious on next Fed chair. Mind you not much else he's wanting/able to say eh?

GBPUSD continues its journey south to post 1.3132 with EURGBP up to 0.8925.

EURUSD steady around 1.1850 as is USDJPY at 112.25 with USDCHF finding some support again into 0.9730

See you all back here tomorrow. Fingers being packed in ice now. Good trading one and all.