Its pretty much a holiday all over the place today. But ... forex is a world unto itself.

There is some trading beginning amongst the die hards, indicative pricing to open the new week, and the new month, and the new year:

EUR/USD 1.0520

USD/JPY 116.93

GBP/USD 1.2336

USD/CHF 1.1091

USD/CAD 1.3438

AUD/USD 0.7220

NZD/USD 0.6941

EUR/GBP .85285

EUR/CHF 1.07215

EUR/JPY 123.02

GBP/JPY 144.227

AUD/JPY 84.423

NZD/JPY 81.148

CAD/JPY 87.015

For comparison, these were The final forex closing levels for 2016