A little more on the Hebei headline and some background

(this via Bloomberg, reporting on a Xinhua piece):

  • Iron and steel capacity will be cut by 32 million tonnes this year, said governor Zhang Qingwei on Sunday
  • Capacities of coal, cement and flat glass will be reduced by 7.42 million tonnes, 1.1 million tonnes and 5 million weight cases in 2017


Hebei Province is a leading iron and steel producer in China

  • Produces around a quarter of China's iron and steel
  • Has more than half of the ten most polluted cities in the country
  • Hebei's "blue sky" action plan promotes use of electricity and gas instead of coal


And, of you'd like even more detail from Reuters over the weekend: Hebei to cut 31.86 mln tonnes of steel and iron capacity in 2017-Xinhua