More details on the preliminary agreement by German party leaders

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

Some additional details from the blueprint released after the conclusion of German coalition talks earlier today

  • Will immediately end arms exports to countries involved in the Yemen conflict
  • Plan tax relief of EUR 10bn for citizens over the course of 3 years to 2021
  • Planning to set aside EUR 4bn to promote social housing, home ownership
  • Plan to invest EUR 5.95bn in digitalisation, education, research
  • Do not want to close any chapters in Turkey's EU accession nor open any new ones
  • Aims to get 65% of energy from renewables by 2030
The earlier details can be found here.

Just some general issues touched on in the blueprint, as the market remains happy that Merkel stays and that the status quo is maintained in the Eurozone. EUR/USD now at 1.2130.