More from Gundlach - Gold doing well, the Fed is manipulating US Treasuries

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Gundlach is a founder of DoubleLine Capital, earlier remarks here:

And, he hasn't stopped (these headlines from his webcast, via Reuters):
  • 'we think the dollar will close the year down' 
  • US deficits "are showing no signs of going away" 
  • S&P500 outperforming the fangs since mid-2018, which he thinks will be the secular peak of the stock market
  • if budget deficit and current account deficit increase, that could be a "precursor" for further decline in the dollar
  • budget deficit may get "much, much worse in the next recession" -webcast
  • US government has a very bad debt-to-income problem, even in a supposedly growing economy; he says in recession, this problem will be a lot worse
  • true liabilities of the US government are up there at $23-24 trillion -webcast
  • copper-gold ratio signaling 10-year treasury yields 'kinda make sense right now'
  • 2019 investing environment is opposite of last year's: 'gold is making money, bitcoin is making money, stocks are making money, bonds are making money'
  • UST yields would be at 6% if they were not manipulated by the Fed

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