I posted Goldman Sachs' AUD and GDP outlooks and reasoning here

Australia - Goldman Sachs boosts forecasts for Australian dollar and GDP

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The Australian Financial Review have more from Goldman Sachs, not quite the entire research piece, but close! It appears to be ungated: Upside risk for the Aussie: Goldman turns bullish on economy

  • "The Aussie dollar has been caught in the crossfire between the strong rise in commodity prices and the selloff of yield-based strategies which global investors had expressed in Australian assets"
  • "However, as the wash-out in yield strategies matures we believe forex investors will take up the narrative of a sharply improving trade balance, improving private sector demand indicators and the risk that the RBA contemplates hiking rates in 2017 as key reasons for the Australian dollar to commence an upswing."
  • "We now see very limited downside risk for the A$ and considerable upside risk. Indeed, a spike in the $A through US80¢ cannot be ruled out."


Yes, a surprisingly bullish turn. Be wary of further USD strength if you are favouring the AUD at the moment though.