September 2021 quarter CPI is due from NZ on 18 October

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is already planning further rate hikes, in 25bp increments according to Assistant Governor Christian Hawkesby (soon to be Deputy Governor).

Rapidly rising inflation is expected to be shown in next week's release, further cementing expectations of RBNZ hikes ahead.

Via BNZ, saying all indications being that it is likely to be a huge print. Forecasts:

  • +1.6% q/q
  • +4.3% y/y
  • What's more, the risks, if anything, are to the upside, such that a 5% annual reading can't be ruled out.
  • For the RBNZ, which has already explicitly said it expects a 4%+ reading for headline inflation, the core measures of inflation will be important in judging the degree of underlying inflationary pressure and its likely persistence. All measures of core inflation were above the 2% midpoint in the Q2 data.

Coming up from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand:

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