New Zealand's National Party increase lead over Labour opposition

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

Latest polls results in from NewsHub-Reid reported by Reuters 12 Sept

Cue NZD spike on the news.

  • National 47.3% (+4%)
  • Labour 37.8%  (-1.6%)
  • First Party 9%
  • Greens 4.9%

Not sure If I missed anything in between but the last result on 7 Sept I published was from Colmar/1News and had Labour with a 4% lead.

  • Labour 43%
  • National 39%
  • First Party 9%
  • Greens 5%

Judging by the NZD reaction I'd say I missed nothing in essence but the Newshub poll had shown a leaning back to the National Party last time out.

NZ election is on 23 Sept and the NZ Herald ( thanks for the link Bud) offers this assessment:

 The contrast with the 1 News Colmar Brunton poll show just how volatile the polling is - both leaders are expecting a tight race.

On the Newshub results, National would be able to govern alone - the Green Party's vote would not be counted.

NZDUSD 0.7254 from 0.7224

                                                    NZD 15m