• Prior 13.7
  • First improvement since July
  • Current situation -21.3 vs -20.0 prior. Lowest since August 2013
  • Expectations -2.0 vs -7.3 prior

“The sentix indices still point to a recession in the Eurozone. This should continue to weigh on equity prices and be positive for Eurozone bonds, although the recessionary signal has become weaker this month. But should the economic stabilisation continue in the coming month this will have undoubtedly have new implications for the expected returns of these asset classes.
On a global level things look different. Especially for the US the sentix indices point to an economic boom. This
should support stock prices. Furthermore, for the US bond market there is a danger of rising interest rates at the
short-end. Overall, the sentix indices point to a flattening of the US yield curve.”

Some good news for Germany as the composite index jumped to 9.8 from 5.4 in Oct with expectations going positive to 1.0 from -7.8 prior. Current situation fell to the lowest since June 2010 at 19.1 from 19.5