If you fancy picking up some pre ECB QE stocks then the Dax finishing down 2% might be tempting. If you want to shop around, the Cac is down 2.4%, Italy -2.8% and Spain -3.0%. The FTSE also joins the -2.0% club.

If you fancy living dangerously, Greece has closed down 12.8% and the biggest daily loss since November 1987, and you can get 8.13% for handing over your hard earned to the Greek government.

European bonds fare better but have seen rising yields, except for the panic merchants who went piling into Germany to hide.

European bonds 09 12 2014

European bonds 09 12 2014

Elsewhere the SNB face another sleepless nights as EUR/CHF ducks to 1.2015.

Over in upside down land the aussie is still better off by over 100 pips from the 0.8224 lows but has given around 40 back from the 0.8372 highs. The kiwi fares about the same at 0.7720

EUR/USD looks to be trying to hold 1.2400while cable has given up 1.5700 to 1.5690.

What a fun end to the day.