ANZ Commodity Price Index for New Zealand

(a monthly report that tracks the movement in the prices received for New Zealand's main export categories)

-0.1% m/m in January

  • Led by weakness in a few components, particularly wool products and whole milk powder (WMP)
  • Broad-based gains were evident elsewhere, with 10 of 17 commodities rising
  • The index is 19% higher than this time last year
  • The stronger currency put a dent in the NZD Commodity Price Index, which fell 1.1% m/m in January
  • In world price terms, non-dairy commodity prices were up 0.7% m/m
  • Six of the 12 non-dairy commodities in the index rose in January
  • All major non-dairy groups in the index improved over the year, pushing the ex-dairy index up 7.4% y/y

more to come