These from ANZ's monthly business survey in New Zealand (Business Outlook)

Business confidence -37.8

  • prior -39.3
  • confidence running along near an 8 year low ... 37.8% of those surveyed expect the economy to deteriorate over the coming 12 months

Activity outlook 15.6 ... that is, net 15.6% of businesses expect their firms to grow over the next year

  • prior 6.5

ANZ citing:

  • turn lower for housing
  • net migration flattening
  • construction sector capacity constraints

... all weighing on prospects for near-term growth

Also, change in government

  • "has no doubt caused a degree of apprehension amongst businesses"


ANZ's Business Outlook Survey

  • 1,500 businesses nationwide
  • analyses where the economy will be going over the next 12 months
  • The ANZ Business Outlook is a key leading barometer for the economy, relying on the input of New Zealand businesses which has proven to be very adept at picking economic developments.


Note ... there is no survey in January.