The latest New Zealand Institute of Economic Research Consensus Forecasts:

  • Activity indicators have softened over the past quarter
  • Deterioration particularly apparent across confidence measures
  • Annual average economic growth is expected to track below 3% out to 2019
  • Forecasters expec growth to ease to 2.5% in the March 2016 year, before recovering slightly to 2.6% in each of the following two years
  • Weaker household spending
  • Weaker business investment forecasts
  • Expected growth in housing construction has fallen over the coming year, but the level of activity is expected to remain solid
  • House building activity in Auckland is gathering pace to accommodate the migration - driven surge in population

There is a lot more at the NZIER PDF, which they have generously made available free and without subscription. Recommended for NZD traders with an interest in the kiwi eco fundamentals.


Note: The NZIER Consensus Forecasts are an average of New Zealand economic forecasts compiled from a survey of financial and economic agencies. These are not NZIER's forecasts.