Here are a couple of itmes on oil, these from Tuesday (US time), so not new

Just of interest ICYMI (as I did)

OPEC compliance with oil curbs rises to 94 percent in February

  • Says a Reuters survey
  • In January, OPEC delivered 82 percent of the promised cuts, according to a Reuters survey
  • The Reuters survey showed Saudi Arabia's output fell slightly in February from an already deep reduction in January

More here at the Reuters piece

Also, this ... (bolding mine)

  • OPEC has agreed to cut production by around 1.2 million barrels per day in the first half of this year and has so far surprised the market by showing record compliance
  • The group could cut further in coming months as the biggest laggards - the United Arab Emirates and Iraq - pledge to catch up quickly with their targets
  • However, analysts feel a revival in U.S. shale production will keep a lid on any major price recovery.
  • "Though the rate of efficiency gains in U.S. shale oil drilling will slow as time progresses, we still expect total production to expand as the number of rigs increase. This will weigh on prices," said Capital Economics analyst Caroline Bain.

Reuters for more