Comments from Pelosi suggest she's not that optimistic

Politico picked up on comments from Nancy Pelosi on Sirius XM today. She said Trump only cares about getting stimulus checks into people's pockets and "doesn't care about any of the rest of the terms" but that Mitch McConnell is the roadblock.

Q: Do you believe you will have a deal by Nov 3?
A: "Well, I hope so. We can certainly hope so. That is, you know we obviously want to have a deal by November 3rd. That really is going to be up to whether the president can convince Mitch McConnell to do so. However, I don't think, I think Mitch McConnell might not mind doing it after the election.

In a separate interview, she said she hopes to resolve the 'appropriations piece' of the aid bill later today.

The market is jumping on a comment in this interview saying she's optimistic and that 'there is a prospect for a deal. She says that every day, I think this pop is a sell.

"I'm pretty happy. I think we have a prospect for an agreement." "Mitch McConnell says we don't want to do it before the election. We want it before," she said. Pelosi said she hopes Trump "has some sway" in pushing Senate GOP on it.

Pelosi and Mnuchin will speak at 2:30 pm ET.

Another comment:

"[I]'m optimistic, because even with what Mitch Mcconnell says -- we don't want to do it before the election -- but let's keep working so that we can do it after the election."