Platinum's time to shine?

Author: Giles Coghlan | Category: News

Great seasonals 

According to the World Platinum Investment Council Platinum's demand is set to outstrip supply for the next two years. So, the strong seasonals for Platinum are noteworthy. 

Great seasonals 

If we take a look at the last 25 years of price movement in Platinum between December 16 and Jan 31 we notice the following key points:
  • Price has finished higher 19 times out of those 25 years
  • The average gain in price has been +5.14%
  • The maximum profit has been +15.55%
  • The largest loss was -4.76% in 1996
  • The maximum drop was -6.48% in 2015, but the drop recovered to a -0.67% loss
  • The maximum rise was in December 2008 with an 18.36% rise. That year turned into a 15.26% gain.
  • The annualised return of that time period (if the average return was calculated for a year) would be 48.95% 
If you missed the run higher so far there is still a potential for a move higher  based purely on the seasonals running from January 04 to January 31. See below: 


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